G. Shankerdas was founded by the late founder Mr. Gagandas U. Mahboobani (1982 – 1961) as a Trading and Merchanising House.

Mr. Shankerdas G. Mahboobani (25/11/1925 – 10/06/2017) joins the management and spearheads expansion.

G. Shankerdas acquires assets of M. Jourdan and Co. Ltd and starts on a small scale, industrial activities in Bottling Plant and?? Wine Production.

Team Restructuring.


1976 – On 16th June, Dr Kishore Shankerdas inducted into the management,

1978 – Expansion under his aegis; Plastic factory setup operations,

1979 – State of the Art, Distillery setup and Bottling Plant expanded.

1979 – Conduit Pipe plant setup.

1980 – 1989 : Expansion Phase

?? ?? ?? ??* 1984: Diversified into Candle and Tissue Manufacturing

?? ?? ?? ?? * 1985: Setting up of the Cosmetics Divison: Petroleum Jelly, Medicated Balms etc.,

?? ?? ?? ?? * 1989: The renowned PEGAPAK (R) Alcoholic Beverages Launched.



1989 – 400++ Employees , a milestone in the region.

1991 – Sierra Leone Rubber Company setup as a subsidiary, 250 employees

1991 ~ 2002 – Fell victim to the rebel war. But rose like a Phoenix amidst the challenges.

1996 – Asset Acquistion of Wellington Distilleries to form R.K.Distilleries.

1996 -“LUVIAN” ,”LUV AQUA” Purified Drinking water Launched.

1999 ~2002 – Factory complex burnt to ground by rebels. Reconstruction and expansion. Never looked back since!

2002 – The launch of the famous BEETA KOLA beverage.

2003 – Plastic Water Tanks Manufacturing Technology Setup. – Capacity augmentation of the Drinking Water Plant.

2004 – PVC Pipes manufacturing plant commissioned. – Foray into commercial scale Agriculture??


2010 – Acquisition of Liberty soft drinks brand and assets. Launch of “RAM”& “Liberty” range of carbonated soft drinks.

2012 – Foray into Agriculture. Large scale farming of Pineapple, Cashew and Coconuts were undertaken.

~2014 – Amalgamation and Merger of the various businesses to form one corporate entity ‘G.SHANKERDAS (S.L) LIMITED’ – IN QUALITY ,WE TRUST
2016 – Mr Ram Shankerdas inducted into the board and operations.

– Plastics Films Division expanded with state-of-the-art machinery.

?? ?? ?? ??- Acquisition of Foam Products business and Brand “FOMACO”, diversified into manufacturing of Matresses and Pillows.

2017 – Capacity augmentation of soft drinks factory at wellington with high-speed state-of -the -art automated bottling line.

– Filing for FDA registrations and approvals initiated.

Re-Launch of the all popular RAM COLA, RAM ORANGE, RAM LIME, RAM GRAPE, RAM MINT and many more flavours are to be introduced.

*Overseas partnerships established for enabling exports.