Our Beverages are produced in state-of-the-art factories and under strict hygienic conditions. Our high quality standards (ISO 22000 among others ) and our unique and delicious flavours make us a popular choice in the region.

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Luvian Water Luv Aqua Water Makali Water
Non-alcoholic Beeta Kola
Non-Alcoholic Beeta Kola


Beeta Kola Warior Gin PegaPak Miniatures
??Mini-Alcoholic drinks

Beeta Kola is called the happiness drink. “The very popular bitter drink, Beeta Kola is a mixture of proprietary herbal root extracts, flavouring spices and just that right blend of alcohol* .Beeta Kola is a mood enhancer that contains plenty of antioxidants. The herbal extract bolsters the immune system and has naturally existing anti-malarial properties.”

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