Our Beverages are produced in state-of-art factories and under strict hygienic conditions. Our high quality standards and our uniqueand delicious flavours make us a popular choice in the region

assorted drinks

Both horizontal and vertical water storage tanks are available, in a variety of different sizes. Our water storage tanks can be seen all over Freetown, and this alone is a testament to its trusted durability and effectiveness. water tanks
Foam Division
G. Shankerdas acquired the mattress company Fomaco in 2016 and produces mattresses, pilloows, and general foam items under this brand.




A young and growing industry, with primarily Petroleum Jelly and other oil based products and promades.

farm at Grafton

Our Agricultural Division consist of three farms around the outskirts of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Our key produce are pineapples, coconuts, and ginger, with smaller harvests of a varieties of other fruits and vegetables..





Jourdan Limited
Jourdan Limited Retail and wholesale company products

We use the latest technology and the best available ingredients in the blending of our entire range of products, and manufacture them to internationally recommended standards for not only taste, but also cleanliness. We only use reverse osmosis treated water for our entire range of products, and have in-house analytical and microbiological labs as well as trained personnels to ensure quality products at all times. Furthermore, we bottle them using our own manufactured bottles and the efficiency of the process enhances the hygienic standard of the product. Our wide range of tastes and flavours makes us certain that there is one for everyone