G. Shankerdas & Sons employs around 1000 local staff and roughly 70 expatriates. Founded in 1939, over the generations the company has experienced much growth in not only the number of staff employed but also in the variety of employment roles within the company. Below is a brief overview of the company???s activities:

Agricultural division:
We have farms in Grafton, Madonke, Mayimbana and FufuWater, growing a variety of produce. A more detailed description of our farms and their produce is available here
Industrial Division:
Plastics: Production of various household items, PVC Pipes, large drainage and water pipes, shopping and transparent bags, sheeting of various sizes, bottles of various shapes and sizes, containers, water storage tanks (vertical and horizontal), furniture, among many others.
Beverages: Distillation, blending and packaging of alcoholic beverages under various brand names, water production and bottling, soft drinks.
Candle Factory: Manufacturing of candles under various brand names.
Commercial Division:
– We have various outlets in Freetown and across the various districts of Sierra Leone for the sale of our own products as well as other essential commodities.

Cosmetics: Packaging of petroleum jelly.