Excerpt from Awoko Newspaper http://www.awoko.org/ September 28 2010
‘Shankerdas and Sons Constructs Link Bridge in Koya’
“As a result of a promise made by the Managing Director of G. Shankerdas & Sons Ltd to the people of Magbafy village and Sherbro town in the Western Rural District, the company has constructed a bridge linking the two villages. An important route for farmers, school children and regular travellers, the road is part of a long shabby rugged road from Fufu Water in Newton to Ribbi in the Moyamba District. Formerly, palm tree trunks were used to bridge the gap between the villages but they normally got swept away by high tides and heavy rains in the rainy season. This made transportation of agricultural produce prohibitive. The newly constructed bridge brings a sigh of relief to the inhabitants of the communities.

The Managing Director Dr. Kishore Shankerdas was acclaimed not only for meeting his corporate social responsibilities through his establishment but has assisted government in the area of providing jobs for the people of Sierra Leone and privately financing projects for the construction of roads and other infrastructural activities in the country.” read more from Awoko.org.

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